Firstly, how much ribbon do you need? To measure and cut the correct amount of ribbon required, work to a calculation that you will need two times the length, four times the height and four times the width so that you have enough ribbon to wrap and tie a beautiful bow.

Then take your ribbon and wrap it around your present before simply tying it. The next step is to cut a separate long piece of ribbon to make the bow for your present. Take one end of the ribbon and form a loop, then form a loop at the other end. From there go back and forth making loops at the top and bottom until you have 5 or 6 different loops, or even more depending on how big your package actually is.

Next, take one end of the ribbon and wrap it just once around the centre loops created. The final step is then to place the loop bouquet you have made into the centre of the ribbon you previously tied to your gift and secure it.

And hey presto! Your bow is now complete. The final step is to spread out the loops and make them smooth then cut off any excess ribbon ends. You’re now ready to put your perfectly wrapped presents under the Christmas Tree